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Dental implants have been evolving over years. Dental implants of the modern day have become more refined, predictable and simple. Nowadays, we have options to carry out single stage, immediate loading implants.

It is also possible to place dental implants in patients in whom it was not possible earlier due to anatomical reasons such as proximity to vital structures (especially the sensory nerves supplying the lower jaw – the inferior alveolar nerve and the maxillary sinuses).

We value the oral, dental & overall health of our esteemed patients visiting SHREYAS & ensure that they are well treated by the experienced doctors or specialists as per the requirement. A “State Of The Art” centre has been made available for the patients, which ensures every oral and dental treatment under one roof. Following are some of the BEST in LINE equipments, which are very useful in proper treatment planning and treatment.

At shrayes Dental clinic, we believe that our corporate social responsibility need not be restricted to merely providing dental care limited to the relief of pain for the less fortunate. Over the years, the team has built upon a philosophy of long term dental care, restoration of function, dental health awareness and fund raising. Initially, the team”s efforts meandered towards participation in dental missions within the neighbouring region. However, in the last few years we have grown to include and focus on the restoration of function and long-term care for those in need within Delhi – NCR. Be it hygiene therapy, fillings, dentures or implants, our goal is to provide complete dental rehabilitation; because we believe that the ability to properly chew and speak plays an important role in both the physical and mental wellbeing of a person. Prevention is more important than treatment and our teams provide complimentary lectures and screenings within selected organizations on a monthly basis, to improve the dental health awareness and drive home the importance of good oral hygiene. By changing the mentality of patients from reactive to preventative, the need for painful and expensive emergency dental care can be dramatically reduced. Our participants are also made aware of the link between poor dental hygiene, smoking, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Although shrayes is a dental clinic, we believe that our social responsibility need not be limited to dentistry. We also work with our partners and adopted charities to improve awareness in fundraising. Within Shreyas we hope to build upon what we have achieved so far and are constantly looking for worthwhile causes to participate in.

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Implants for Everybody

In the early days of implantology mainly members of the implantologists family and a few rich people received implants. Implants were exotic,

Advanced Technique of Implants

Dental implants have been evolving over years. Dental implants of the modern day have become more refined, predictable and simple.

Quick Treatment

We at shreyas dental clinic do not advice an old protocol or delayed loading of dental implants.

Less Discomfort

we do and prescribe immediate loading using patient’s own available bone at the time of implant placement.

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