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Implant supported fixed teeth in just 72 hours

Hassle-free, fuss-free treatment

Shreyas Dental is a leading-edge dental clinic who guarantees dental implantation in just 3 days. Equipped with state-of-art technology and under the guidance of our expert dentist, Shreyas Dental clinic promises revolutionary results. Dr. Kiran Patel, our highly skilled dentist and a fellow of International Implant Foundation Munich is amongst the very few helping patients with this contemporary dental implantation technique. No hassle and all smiles – that is what we ensure you as the end result.

ISO-Certified Dental Hospital

A renowned ISO 9001:2008 dental treatment center, Shreyas Dental Hospital offers multi-specialty treatment services for common & complex dental troubles.

dental implants in 3 days

Science Behind Teeth In 3 Days

Basal implantology, alsow known as bicortical implantology or just cortical implantology is a new category

Experienced Dental Experts

     Shreyas Dental Hospital is established by highly-experienced & qualified


promising treatment as per international dental treatment standards using                         advanced procedures.

The Shreyas Edge

Shreyas Dental Hospital is a multi-specialty

Dental hospital in Ahmedabad

offering world-class dental treatments at par with international standards. The rich experience of the team at Shreyas enables the hospital to deal with complex dental diseases and bring latest in global dental implant landscape for the benefit of patients. Shreyas Dental Hospital is a pioneer in revolutionary 72-hour dental implant procedure, single stage and immediate loading implants making it the pioneering dental care center in the region.

ShreyasDental Hospital boasts of a highly-advanced and modern center equipped with latest equipment and machineries for dental treatments and implants. Using advanced equipment sourced from around the world, doctors at Shreyas Dental Hospital ensures complete comfort for the patient while conducting complex dental procedures. The quick and safe procedures offered by Shreyas using modern implant systems promise successful implants procedures resulting in beautiful teeth in just 3 days.

Founded by highly-experienced and well-qualified dental experts, Shreyas Dental Hospital has a rich experience in handling complex dental issues and implant procedures. The hospital uses a blend of expertise, experience and modern techniques to promise required results in minimum amount of time. Further, cutting-edge technologies, modern equipment and a professional team guided by the founders’ expertise ensure proper treatment in minimal amount of time.

dental implant

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Implants for Everybody

In the early days of implantology mainly members of the implantologists family and a few rich people received implants. Implants were exotic,

Advanced Technique of Implants

Dental implants have been evolving over years. Dental implants of the modern day have become more refined, predictable and simple.

Quick Treatment

We at shreyas dental clinic do not advice an old protocol or delayed loading of dental implants.

Less Discomfort

we do and prescribe immediate loading using patient’s own available bone at the time of implant placement.

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