Dental implants have been evolving over years. Dental implants of the modern day have become more refined, predictable and simple. Nowadays, we have options to carry out single stage, immediate loading implants.

It is also possible to place dental implants in patients in whom it was not possible earlier due to anatomical reasons such as proximity to vital structures (especially the sensory nerves supplying the lower jaw – the inferior alveolar nerve and the maxillary sinuses).

Implants systems such as the KOS (King of Singlepiece), the BCS (Basal Cortical Screw) and the BOI (Basal Osseo Integrated) implants are the recent introductions into the world of dental implants which are extremely predictable, simple and highly economical.

These implants also present with a unique opportunity where they can be splinted to adjacent teeth unlike the previous ones (delayed loading) where this splinting could not be done.