a patient who has few teeth left in his mouth because of severe periodontal disease, reported to us for some solution so that he can eat properly. we treated him just three days and he got his new teeth and he became so happy that he got this in matters of hours without any big surgery…..



a patient with very poor oral hygiene reported to us. As he has many oral issues. we removed his all bad conditioned teeth and placed an implants, ON THIRD DAY he received his teeth which more FUNCTIONAL comparing to his natural teeth. He was extremely happy and he still visit us to say thanks again and again……



a patient who has very few mobile teeth left in his mouth, he was not able to perform his oral functions properly. we removed all those crooked and mobile teeth and replaced them with implant supported teeth in just THREE DAYS……..



a patient with missing anterior teeth reported to us. he had lost his front teeth in an accident. we dint recommended a bridge and suggested him an implant. we placed and implant first and second day gave him smile on vary next day…



a case of decayed and mobile front teeth. restored smile in 72 hours…



a patient from UK having a severe DIABETES wanted some corrections in his oral cavity but after complete examination we found that he was suffering from pyorrhoea, all his teeth was mobile and non functional. we removed all bad teeth and implants were placed at the same time, we took trial on second day and fixed teeth on third day.

First Day no teeth Present

Implant Placed without any Big Surgery

Full Functional Fixed Teeth given on third day