Why Is It Important To Maintain Your Dental Health?

Our teeth are one of the most important parts of our body. No matter how much you take care of your overall body, without proper care for your teeth by regularly visiting a dental clinic in Ahmedabad, neither you nor the onlooker will feel good. Thus it can be understood that proper dental hygiene is one of the most important aspects of your health.

The advantages of keeping your teeth healthy are many. The first one being the prevention of gum diseases and tooth decay. The second being, it keeps the enamel of your teeth healthy and thus keeps the shine long lasting.

The most common oral signs and symptoms :

You might not know this, but the health of your mouth or your dental health is a very good indicator of your overall health and fitness. Most diseases and ailments show their early signs and symptoms in your mouth and therefore cortisol levels in your saliva are used as a measure to detect the same.

For example, if you have a sexually transmitted disease like AIDs or HIV, the first and symptoms of the same, will show on your mouth in the form of lesions and other oral problems. A recent study published by the Academy of General Dentistry, which is an international organization specializing in dental sciences showed that over 90 percent of the diseases on your body show oral signs and symptoms first, including variants of diabetes and HIV or AIDs.

Why is Saliva a potent tool in diagnosis?

Saliva of the human body is one of the best diagnostic tools used by dentist in Ahmedabad for measuring a wide array of diseases and ailments. Starting from stress response in new born children to monitoring bone loss in men and women who are prone to osteoporosis, regularly testing your saliva can show you the early signs of disease and formation.

Another advantage of regularly testing your saliva knows the measure of illegal drugs, hormones, environmental toxins and antibiotics.

Lost Your Teeth In An Accident? Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants In 3 Days

Most people do not acknowledge the value of a thing till the time it’s not gone. The same applies to a person’s teeth. If someone has all the teeth intact, he/she does not pay much heed to oral health but if one loses one or more teeth in an accident or any unwanted situation, the maligned smile keeps a person conscious day in and out. People often do not realize that in the current era, almost everything is possible. Same is the case with restoring smiles. Instant dental implants are a thing now. One can get his/her past smile back with dental implants in 3 days.

Basal Implantology: A ray of hope for patients suffering from teeth loss

Basal implantology is a revolution in dental treatment that can promise smile restoration in just 3 days. Basal implantology is a novel branch of dental procedures that blend processes associated with orthopedic surgery with dental implantology to promise better results.

The procedure anchors the implant in hard cortical bones to provide a permanent solution. As the implants are durable, such treatment provides much more success rate than any conventional procedure such as installing a bridge or denture. Ideal for even advance-stage, non-recoverable periodontal disease, basal implantology can work wonders by restoring lost smile through dental implant in just 3 days.

Permanently cure your teeth loss by contacting a basal implantology expert 

If you are looking for a permanent cure to your problem of teeth loss, you should consult a professional dentist who has experience in conducting basal dental implant in Ahmedabad. Only a few highly-skilled dentists are trained to perform this complex procedure as it is a new form of implantology procedure much advanced than the conventional treatment.

If you are looking for the right solution to your teeth loss problem after an accident, you must go for dental implants in 3 days by consulting our dentists. Having specialization in instant dentistry and implants, they can restore your smile within 3 days with much better results than conventional implant treatments.

Dental Implant in 3 Days : When you Know it Can’t Wait

Do you know the importance of mouth guard for a sportsperson? It is extremely important. Without it, there are chances that they may hurt many of their teeth. Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body and without them one would not only face problems related to eating but also psychological turmoil.
People encounter such kinds of problem but they are majorly not aware about the solutions for the same. Dental implant is one of the best ways to restore one’s smile. New procedures are being adopted these days. One of them is said to be implant of teeth in 3 days procedure. Dental implant in 3 days is also called basal implantology. In this procedure, first of all the diseases is cured and thereafter implant is done.

To further solve the problem, when Immediate Dental Implant is needed, following aspects should be looked into:


If you Have Loose Teeth:

This can happen when a person grinds his/her teeth, clenches jaw, teeth which are not aligned properly since years etc. This takes place because periodontal ligament stretches more than usual and which results to teeth hanging loose. This is not a good sign, one needs to go to dentist and get a treatment as early as possible. It can be eased if taken care of within time otherwise one may have to get dental implant.

If you Have Gum Problem:

Those people who are not following dental hygiene, bacterial infection forms on or between their  teeth which leads to gum problem as well, such as red, swollen, bleeding gums and so on. Those people who find such kind of symptoms should get a treatment from the dentist soon otherwise he/she may lose teeth which would then require dental implant.

If you Have Broken Teeth:

Due to any accident if a person knocks out few of his/her teeth, then that person should approach a dentist within an hour and get a treatment because he/she still has the option of getting an immediate dental implant with his/her original teeth (keep this in mind: he/she should not touch the root canal, or mess with it further by prompting it with something).

Teeth are one of the most important parts of our body and one should know when and which procedure would be the best as well as at what time one should get a dental implant. Teeth implant in 3 days is the one of the safest, fastest and secure method for implanting the teeth of a person. If you are looking for best Dental Hospital in Naranpura Ahmedabad reach to us Shreyas Dental Hospital. You can call us on +919712994608 or Visit our clinic at 1st Floor, Swapnil Avenue, Sardar Patel Colony, Near Sardar Patel Statue, Naranpura, Ahmedabad-380014

The 3rd. International Conference of Cortical Implantology

The 3rd. International Conference of Cortical Implantology is scheduled to take place on 22nd, 23rd and 24th July at Hyatt Regency, Lucknow. A galaxy of renowned speakers in Cortical and Basal Implantology are slated to lecture during the conference.

Event Highlights:

* In-house conference with an enriching scientific program

*Opportunity to listen stalwarts of Strategic Cortical Implantology and interact with them one to one

* 17 speakers – International & National

* E-poster presentation provisions for students & delegates

* Breakfast with masters

* Preconference courses

* Presidential gala dinner

All our colleagues who wish to update their knowledge on Cortical & Basal Implantology are requested to register without delay.

For registrations, please visit: www.3rdicci.com

The 3rd. International Conference of Cortical Implantology

List of Conference speakers:


1) Prof. Dr. Stefan Ihde, Germany

2) Dr.Valeryi Lysenko, Ukraine

3) Dr.ŁukaszPałka, Poland

4) Mr.MitruschenkovYury, Russia

5) Dr. Nikolai Spiridonov, Russia

6) Dr.AntoninaIhde, Montenegro

7) Prof. Yan Vares, Ukraine

8) Dr.AleksandarLazarov, Bulgaria

9) Dr.VitomirKonstantinovic, Serbia

10) Dr. Fodor Calin, Romania


1) Dr.Vivek Gaur, Delhi

2) Dr.Prasanth Pillai, Kochi

3) Dr. Kiran Patel, Ahmedabad

4) Dr.Leela Krishna, Vijayawada

5) Dr. Anita Gala Doshi, Mumbai

6) Dr.Murugavel, Chennai

7) Dr. Nancy Dhiman, Jalandhar

Schedule for Conference

Date: 22nd July, 2018

  • Check in 2 pm
  • Pre conference  course -2pm to 5 pm
  • High tea 5-6pm
  • Presidential dinner 8 pm onwards &Gazal night

 Date: 23rd July, 2018

  • Breakfast
  • Check in 9am
  • 9- 10 registration
  • 10am onwards main podium speakers
  • 2 lunch and simultaneous
  • E- poster presentation
  • 5 main podium speakers
  • 7 pm inauguration followed by cocktail dinner and DJ night &dance performances

Date: 24th July, 2018

  • Breakfast with masters
  • 7-9am
  • 9 am onwards
  • Main podium speakers
  • 12:30 validatory function and celebration of international strategic implantology day.
  • Lunch
  • Checkout 2pm
  • Closing dates are approaching

Register book your seat in Preconference III

Charges 1000/-

Visit: www.3rdicci.com or www.simpladent.in

How Shreyas Dental supersedes other Dental Hospitals in Ahmedabad?

Dentistry is a complex medical science that requires years of practice, thorough research and deep exposure to master. Dentists are one of the most revered medical professionals all over the globe. Dental procedures are considered harder to pioneer and only highly-qualified dentists are able to provide relief to a patient. When it comes to dental hospital in Ahmedabad, only a few provide international-grade services.

Revolutionizing Dental Implant in Ahmedabad with Advanced Procedures

Shreyas Dental Hospital has been revolutionizing the dental landscape of Gujarat with its advanced procedures and highly-qualified team of dentist in Ahmedabad. There are a number of factors that make Shreyas one of the best dental hospitals in Ahmedabad.

1.Highly-qualified staff and management

Shreyas Dental is owned and operated by a highly-qualified management team with renowned dental specialists. Their expertise along with the experience of equally experienced dental staff helps in the quick treatment of general and complex dental problems.

2.State-of-the-art Infrastructure based on latest dental innovations

Understanding the importance of modern innovation, Shreyas Dental Hospital is equipped with only the latest dental equipment. The dental equipment at Shreyas is at par with any international dental hospital around the globe. This makes it an advanced center for dental care where patients can get high-quality treatment at an affordable cost.

3.Instant dental implant services

One of the significant achievements of Shreyas Dental Hospitals is its specialization in dental implants. The dentists are well-versed with latest developments in the field of dentistry and promise durable dental implants in just 72 hours. The hospital has pioneered basal implant ology that is an amalgamation of dental implantology and orthopedic surgery. Using the advanced procedure, doctors can promise an effective solution for teeth loss within 3 days.

 Owing to superiority in delivering quality dental care, Shreyas Dental has been honored with ISO 9001:2008 certification. When it comes to choosing a dentist in Ahmedabad, people rely on the expertise of Shreyas Dental Hospital over anyone else. The confidence among past patients and proven track record of success in the field of dental implants has made Shreyas Dental Hospital a renowned name in the dental fraternity of Gujarat.

Why Dental Checkups Are Important for You?

Nobody wants to lose their teeth. Bright looking teeth can make your smile appear more beautiful and pleasant to others. It can help you make a great first impression on people. Dental problems can cause by various things like brushing too hard, smoking, sticky or sweet food.

And we are Ahmedabadi; it’s our job to eat sweet food. That’s one of many reasons why you need to do regular dental check-ups with your dentist. Here are 3 main reasons why dental checkups are important.

3 Main Reasons Why Dental Checkups are Important

1. Identify issues like Plague, Gum Disease, Tartar:

Teeth can catch various problems from the plague, gum disease, to tartar and cavities. Plague is build up in small areas of the mouth where it gets difficult for the brush to reach out. Once Plague worsens, it can get difficult to remove.

Once Plague gets harden it turns into Tartar which then can get extremely difficult to remove without professional help. Once Tartar gets worse it causes the cavities. Cavities are formed slowly and gradually without giving away any major signs of their presence. Plaque and tartar can also cause gum disease which swallows hard and bleeds bad.

All this can be avoided with once dental checkup with dentist every six months. Dentist can identify early signs of tartar, gum disease, or cavities. That can help you maintain the good health of your teeth. Check out the best dentist in Ahmedabad who has years of experience in successfully dealing with this issues.

2.Oral Cancer Screening

Dental check-up does include oral cancer screening that can dentist identify worse disease like oral cancer. Although oral cancer cannot easily be identified until the later stage, it never harms to stay up to date with your health concerns.

3.Dental check-ups are low cost

Doing dental checkup won’t empty your wallet. In fact, it’s made affordable by this Cosmetic dentist in Naranpura AhmedabadLow cost plus healthy. There is no reason why you should not do your dental check-ups twice every year.

Those are the 3 reasons why you should always seek to do regular dental check-ups. The professional dentist in Ahmedabad can not only identify rare problems but also fix it easily.

Modern Basal Implant Treatment Started at Madhav Dental Clinic

After doing convention implant practice since last 10 years at Shreyas Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad. Introducing basal implant in our practice especially for severally resorbed jaws and cases where conventional implants are not possible. Thank you Nobatleading news media of Jamnagar for covering it. My special thanks to Chetan Madhvani and Nobat parivar and Aditya Jamnagri to inviting me for this Nobel cause at Madhav dental clinic.

The Future of Implantology has Arrived

I Dr. Kiran Patel (B.D.S, M.D.S) feeling anhonor to share my experiences and information i have gained regarding immediate function loading implantology in front of doctors from various countries at immediate loading forum held at BELGRADE, SERBIA and EUROPE. Thanks everyone, my family, friends, teachers, and more importantly doctors and patients who put trust in my knowledge and skills.

  • Best Dentist in Ahmedabad
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  • Dental implant in 3 Days Treatment

Certificate – International Implant Foundation Mentor

Dr. Kiran Patel certified by the International Implant Foundation Mentor Certificate from Prof Stefan Ihde at the IF Mentors Congress. He is one of the best dentists in Ahmedabad expert in dental implant andgeneral dentistry. He has more than 10 years of experience in dental industry.He is a qualified oral and maxillofacial surgeon, strategic immediate loading implantologist. Contact Shreyas Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad at +91 9712994608 for any dental treatment.