We at shreyas dental clinic do not advice an old protocol or delayed loading of dental implants.

we do not do or support lengthy bone augmentation procedures just for replacement of missing teeth.
we do and prescribe immediate loading using patient’s own available bone at the time of implant placement.


we have taken an advantage of advanced technology so that we give teeth in just three days without any delay. so our patients wont be without teeth if they agreed for treatment.

our dental implants can be loaded into position immediately after tooth extraction and can form units with other type of implants, or with other teeth that allow it. The result is a very stable construction, which can be safely placed immediately by surgeon and which satisfies high aesthetic standards. These technique can be used over 99% of the patients. Usualy 72 hour after implant placement they can get new permanent bridge construction.

Treatment with STRATEGIC Implants is done under local anesthesia and causes much less discomfort than a tooth extraction. Furthermore, the ease of use of the BASAL Implant system offers clear advantages to you.

Everyone is different — and the Shreyas dental hospital takes this fully into account. Thanks to advanced standards, you can trust us— regardless of your age or condition. we are an ideal choice for dental implant treatment, even for people in their later years.


A worthwhile investment


The comfort and long life of IHDE® dental implants are well documented. In addition, implants lowers many potential risk of conventional dentistry. Dentures may give rise to painful sore spots if they do not fit perfectly, and bridge retention elements can affect the health of adjacent teeth, causing abrasions and caries. When you rely on IHDE® dental Implants, you make a choise for quality of life.