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Advantages of Immediate Load Implantation

  • Patients opting for implants can be treated regardless of their age, extent of bone loss or presence of residual teeth
  • Basal dental implant or strategic dental implant requires only one surgical intervention during the time of splinting strategic implants with bridges.
  • The treatment can be accomplished in just 72 hours with 3 sittings. Less number of surgeries and short duration results in low cost.
  • Should any complications occur effective solutions are available which can resolve the issue rapidly.
  • Stronger, durable and effective alternative to traditional tooth fixing procedures like bridges and dentures
  • The polished basal implants are free from catching infection; the chances of which are higher with the conventional alternatives.
  • Patients can quickly get back to their normal life as the implants can be loaded immediately.
  • Higher success rate and acceptability criteria than traditional tooth loss treatments