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Major Benefits of Basal Dental Implant over Conventional method

In the modern immediate load procedure, the implant does not depend on the neighboring teeth for support so as in traditional bridgework. So, the high-tech contemporary prosthesis is more stable and strong.

According to a scientific result, natural teeth absorb around 540 lbs/sq. inch biting pressure. However, the dentures/ bridgework fixation can absorb only 10-20% of this pressure. Basal dental implants are known to absorb approximately 450 lbs/sq. inch of biting pressure; behaving very much like your natural teeth.

In traditional dental implantation technique, the implants are fixated in the upper (soft) bone which demands complex procedure spread over a time period of 3-9 months. Implants in modern method are fixated in the cortical bone providing high level of stability and mineralization and low metabolism. The robust bone-type facilitate immediate loading accomplishing the procedure in 72 hour. However, the implants do not resorb throughout the patient’s lifetime in modern procedure.

Unlike conventional procedure, the basal dental implant treatment can successfully be availed by the patients suffering from severe bone atrophy, diabetes, and periodontal disease. It has also eliminated low bone supply and age factor.