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Procedure / Methodology

Dental implants basically act as artificial roots for your teeth. Consider it as a screw or artificial roots responsible for holding crown, denture or bridge in place. As natural roots hold our teeth in place, the dental implants hold the artificial fixation of teeth or bridge in place.

In traditional implantation methods like bridges and dentures, the implants are fixated in cancellous bones. However, there is a risk of this bone layer been decreasing with age or due to diseases such as osteoporosis. In basal dental implant or immediate load implant, this bone layer is bypassed completely, inserting the implant in cortical bones which falls underneath the cancellous bones.

After integration of implants with the cortical jaw bone, the crown, denture or bridge is attached to it, resulting in highly stable implantation. The cortical bone act as a strong base providing more effective and natural speaking, eating and smiling. The contemporary basal implantology technique has marked a breakthrough in the dentistry being the next best thing to the natural teeth. The procedure is categorized under prosthetic dentistry (artificial replacement) as well as cosmetic dentistry.