Dental Implants: A Miracle for Dental Health

dental implants in 3 days

Before discussing the importance of replacing teeth, let’s address the most basic question first: what exactly is a dental implant?

According to the dentists at dental hospitals in Ahmedabad, a dental implant is a small, but very strong, metal alloy screw which is used while surgically replacing a missing or damaged natural teeth.  This screw is drilled into the jawbone to ensure that the screw can securely connect the artificial teeth or any other dental prosthesis with the jaw.

In addition to its utility in replacing a missing or broken tooth, implants can also be utilized to give additional support to loose, removable dentures. A dental implant can be done in 3 days also. Now, let’s have a look at why replacing lost or badly damaged teeth are essential


Though it may sound superficial to a person who has all his/her teeth intact, even a single missing tooth can create an emotional stress on people. In varying degrees, everybody has a concern about their appearance, and it affects the overall confidence as well. To lose the perfect smile because of a missing tooth or two can lead to loss of confidence and at times even depression and, which has a very adverse effect on their work and personal life.

Dental implants are often effective in improving a patient’s overall confidence and morale. Since the replaced tooth and a natural looking tooth are almost similar in appearance, this procedure enhances the physical appearance.

Oral Health

The balance of the entire dental structure gets affected upon losing a tooth. The gap created by that loss allows for the remaining teeth, especially the nearest ones to the gap, to shift and tilt as a result of even moderate and regular chewing.

This can cause further oral problems with time as the distorted structure of the teeth disrupts the chewing abilities of the patient. Patients can lose multiple teeth over the years because of this and even lead to bone loss occurring in the jaw.

The Comfort

If all your teeth are intact, then it might be difficult for you to understand how it feels when a hard piece of food come in-between the exposed root of the missing molar and an existing one.

Let’s just say that it is not a very comfortable experience and it keeps reoccurring upon eating. Patients are often forced to give up previously loved food sources to avoid the constant pain and discomfort. Being unable to chew food properly can stop a person from enjoying a significant part of life.

Dental prosthetics with the proper dental implant to support it can dramatically change the life of someone who has missing or broken teeth. But a lot depends on the expertise and skill of the dentist that carries out this procedure as it is a complex surgical procedure.