Lost Your Teeth In An Accident? Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants In 3 Days

Dental Implants in 3 days

Most people do not acknowledge the value of a thing till the time it’s not gone. The same applies to a person’s teeth. If someone has all the teeth intact, he/she does not pay much heed to oral health but if one loses one or more teeth in an accident or any unwanted situation, the maligned smile keeps a person conscious day in and out. People often do not realize that in the current era, almost everything is possible. Same is the case with restoring smiles. Instant dental implants are a thing now. One can get his/her past smile back with dental implants in 3 days.

Basal Implantology: A ray of hope for patients suffering from teeth loss

Basal implantology is a revolution in dental treatment that can promise smile restoration in just 3 days. Basal implantology is a novel branch of dental procedures that blend processes associated with orthopedic surgery with dental implantology to promise better results.

The procedure anchors the implant in hard cortical bones to provide a permanent solution. As the implants are durable, such treatment provides much more success rate than any conventional procedure such as installing a bridge or denture. Ideal for even advance-stage, non-recoverable periodontal disease, basal implantology can work wonders by restoring lost smile through dental implant in just 3 days.

Permanently cure your teeth loss by contacting a basal implantology expert 

If you are looking for a permanent cure to your problem of teeth loss, you should consult a professional dentist who has experience in conducting basal dental implant in Ahmedabad. Only a few highly-skilled dentists are trained to perform this complex procedure as it is a new form of implantology procedure much advanced than the conventional treatment.

If you are looking for the right solution to your teeth loss problem after an accident, you must go for dental implants in 3 days by consulting our dentists. Having specialization in instant dentistry and implants, they can restore your smile within 3 days with much better results than conventional implant treatments.