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One piece/ Two piece or Three piece implant

At Shreyas Dental Hospital, we use the best quality one piece implant for performing basal implantation. Below mentioned are some of the major advantages of one piece implant over two/three piece.

  • Simplex implant placement procedure accomplished mostly in a single sitting.
  • Facilitate immediate loading
  • Cost effective
  • Requires less armamentarium
  • Sinus lifts and bone augmentation can be avoided
  • Supports implants in anatomically unfavorable conditions and also decayed bone quality and quantity.
  • Can also be used in patients with periodontal disease, diabetes and smoking addiction.

Comparison of single piece implant with two/three piece implant.

Single piece implant Two piece/ Three piece implant
Design It is manufactured as a single piece with the implant and the abutment fused together. There is a separate implant and abutment. However, the abutment is either cold welded or cemented or placed with a screw.
Implant Placement Implant placement can be accomplished on a single sitting with a simple surgical procedure. Complex surgical procedure is required for implant placement, distributed in 2 to 3 sittings (implant placement, screw placement, abutment placement) in a period of 3 to 6 months.
Implant Prosthesis The crown/ bridge can be loaded the very next day after the implant placement. Minimum 3 months waiting period is required before loading prosthesis.
Prosthodontics creation Precise impressions can be made in less time facilitating wide range of designs. Complex and more time consuming prosthodontics procedure with limited design and sizes.
Maintenance It provides excellent strength and stability and hence demands easy maintenance. Maintenance is difficult as the fixation takes place in two/three pieces causing mechanical stress when under pressure.
Cost It is cost effective as it requires less number of sittings. Due to more number of sitting spread out over a time period of 3-9 months, the cost goes high.